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What is Mid-Career Crisis & How to Deal with It?

Is there any moment that came in your life where you have felt that you are just stuck with not moving forward? Or a time when you really feel helpless of staring over everything once again, and also you cannot do anything to move forward? Well, this thing is called Mid-Life Crisis, but there is another similar and very serious term named Mid-Career Crisis. This is the situation where you realize or feel that you are just stuck in your career, and there is no chance that you will ever get a promotion or when there is no chance of progress in your career. True Meaning & Symptoms of Mid-Career Crisis There is no doubt that it is really a depressing situation when you have already spent a major part of your life struggling to get somewhere and in the end, you are not happy with it. Obviously, at this stage, you have no other option but  to get up in the morning and go through the same irritating and annoying office routine. Usually, people keep this situation a secret from everyon

Global Warming

A green background

Global Warming is the increase in the temperature of the surface of the earth. Over the past century, this change has been drastic, and because of this change, we are facing many major problems. If we see the temperature change,it is gradual, but this gradual change has long-term side effects.

We have to pay attention to this matter now before reaching the stage where there is no going back. We are not giving importance to this issue as we do not know why this is happening and what are the reasons behind this issue and how we can solve this issue.

What Is Global Warming?

Global Warming is caused due to greenhouse gases and other pollutants that do not let the radiation of the sun leave the earth's atmosphere, which increases the temperature of the earth. According to the research, the increase in the temperature of the surface of the earth in the past century is one-degree Fahrenheit.

Surface scientists started to notice an increase in temperature. And today this temperature change has started to affect our weather and climate. The balance in the ecosystem has disturbed. According to researches if the temperature changes then after some period, the earth would not be able to support life. It is like a threat to the life of humans as well as animals.

What Are The Effects Of Global Warming?

We might think that the temperature change is small, but we do not know that the earth already started to suffer because of this small change. Here are some of the effects of global Warming:

·   From the 21st century, every coming year is the warmest year in the last 100 years, which means that the temperature of the earth is now increasing every year. The heatwaves in the past years have caused a lot of deaths in the world.

·   As a result of global warming, we are also facing the problem of extreme weather. It means that we are not only facing hotter summer, but the winter is also colder than usual. The weather pattern in some countries has changed. In some countries, the weather is completely unexpected.

·   This increase in temperature is causing, the glaciers to melt, and the snow is also melting early. This leads to a problem like droughts. And if this continues to happen at this rate, the world will face extreme water shortages. It will also lead to a rise in sea level, which will cause a coastal flood.

·   As global warming is increasing at a rapid rate due to pollutants in the atmosphere, so it will also lead to many health problems like asthma, infectious diseases, and disease-related mosquitos.

·   Forests, farms, and many habitats are in danger because of these heatwaves, floods, storms, and lack of water.

·   As we all know that the species cannot adapt to the environment as easily as humans, and this is the main reason that many species are at the risk of extinction. To our despair, many species have become extinct because of this climate change.

·   As a result of increased temperature and CO2 in the oceans, many ocean species are also in danger. It is expected that if the increase in the acidity of the ocean continues to happen so rapidly, then the coral reefs will become extinct.

What Kind Of Human Activities Are Causing It?

It is said that the cause of global warming are humans. Here are some human activities that are causing global Warming:

·   The Burning Of Fossil Fuels: is one of the major causes of global Warming as it adds a lot of CO2 pollution to the atmosphere.

·   Deforestation: is another cause of global warming as trees play an important role in maintaining the balance in our ecosystem by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen.

·   Farming: plays another major role in global Warming as the livestock animals are the cause of the release of methane gas which is a greenhouse gas.

What are the P5 countries doing to tackle this global climate issue?

These are the strategies they are the following:

·   By spreading knowledge about the side effects of global forming and how to prevent this.

·   Switching towards renewable energy like solar or wind energy.

·   Focusing on energy-efficient appliances to reduce CO2 emissions.

·   By moving towards fuel-efficient vehicles.

·   By utilizing our resources properly.

·   Motivating people to plant more trees


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