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What is Mid-Career Crisis & How to Deal with It?

Is there any moment that came in your life where you have felt that you are just stuck with not moving forward? Or a time when you really feel helpless of staring over everything once again, and also you cannot do anything to move forward? Well, this thing is called Mid-Life Crisis, but there is another similar and very serious term named Mid-Career Crisis. This is the situation where you realize or feel that you are just stuck in your career, and there is no chance that you will ever get a promotion or when there is no chance of progress in your career. True Meaning & Symptoms of Mid-Career Crisis There is no doubt that it is really a depressing situation when you have already spent a major part of your life struggling to get somewhere and in the end, you are not happy with it. Obviously, at this stage, you have no other option but  to get up in the morning and go through the same irritating and annoying office routine. Usually, people keep this situation a secret from everyon

Workout Tips for Teens at Home

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Workout Tips for Teens at Home

Health is one most important things that will let you enjoy all the perks of life, and without perfect health, you will surely live a dull and boring life with so many restrictions and medicines. Especially in the teenage, you must start focusing on your health by doing different exercises and adopting a healthy lifestyle. During the COVID-19 situation, there is barely any public place open like parks or gyms where teens can go for exercise, so the only option they have now is to find different Workout techniques that could be done right from home, and does not require any equipment.

Squats for Legs

First of all, there are Squats, and there is no doubt every health enthusiasts know very well about squats, as this is one of the important workout technique that Develops strength and power are just a few of the many benefits of including squats in your workouts. When performed correctly, this functional exercise also boosts your calorie burn, helps prevent injuries, strengthens your core, and improves your balance and posture. Now you need to stand straight with your feet flat, and once you get into the right position. Then next thing would be to keep your arms straight in front of you and bend your body down in the same straight position. Then come up in the same position. This workout works in the best way for your legs. There is no doubt that it may seem hard, but you should understand that this one is way better than other workouts on different machines. Also makes sure that there is no rush, keep it slow and steady.

A video to help you with it.

Burpees to build up Strength

Then the next one is another great workout you can do from home, and it will help you out to keep your mind and body refreshed from all the laziness after sleep. High-intensity exercises like burpees improve your cardiovascular function, aerobic fitness, and blood sugar regulation. Burpees may seem to be a bit tough at the start, but with time it will become one fun workout of your daily routine. All you need to do is to stand straight and still, and then raise your arms up to your head. After that jump, your body high enough, and after landing go into pushups position and perform a single pushup. After that, get in the same standing position once again to jump, and then repeat this sequence.

A video to help you with it.

Plank for Abs Muscles

Then the next one is really simple, but not the easy one. The plank strengthens your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius, and your abdominal muscles, which naturally result in a strong posture as they grow in strength. For the plank, all you need to do is to get in the position where you perform pushups, but now instead of doing that, you have to get your body on the hold of your forearms and keep your hands together. Now lift your body, and then get back in the same position to tighten it up, and stay in the same positions for at least the next 1 minute.

A video to help you with it.

Simple yet Effective

Last is the pushups, They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done with proper form, they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging (pulling in) the abdominal muscles.  All you need to do to get in position and move your body up and down just with the support of your hands. This will build up strength in your arms. 

A video to help you with it.

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