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Environmental Protection

The environment is this whole surrounding around you where you and many other living beings breath and live. In other words, take the environment as a huge bubble of the atmosphere where different biological beings stay together for survival and interact with each other. This is one of the easiest and crystal clear definition to understand the true meaning of the environment. Obviously when it comes for survival then Environmental protection is really necessary to survive together.Global WarmingAs time is passing, humans have been making certain developments that were necessary for their comfort more like extravagance rather than necessity. So, if you would have understood the definition of environment then it clearly tells us that this whole place is meant for mutual survival, not merely the survival of one of the species. Now when humans have developed different objects which added luxury to their lives, they have disrupted the balance of the ecosystem hence not only endangering the…

Body Shaming and Its Effects on Your Life

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Every year thousands of people around the world become the victim of Body Shaming. Now you might be wondering that what exactly is the meaning of Body Shaming? When someone is mocked or humiliated by other people around him regarding Height, color, or weight then this specific humiliation will be known as Body Shaming. Furthermore, there are many causes of Body-Shaming, even if you did not get direct humiliation. Still, there are some other indirect methods, where you will feel humiliated yourself about your body.

Indirect Methods of Body Shaming

Like you turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, then most of the advertisements are related to keep your skin color fair, or to bring your body shape to slim, and even to increase your Height. Now that it is obvious that after seeing those ads, you will start to see imperfections in your body and would start to plan to adopt those methods to shape your body according to the world’s standards. If not these ads, then you can see during TV shows and sitcoms that most of the jokes are related to a person’s body flaws. This type of Body-Shaming may seem very normal, but people who are seeing such stuff may adopt this method of criticism to mock other people with small Height, dark color, or heavyweight.

Different ways People face Body Shaming

In short, people have to face Body-Shaming in several different ways, like someone directly points you out in a crowd, or someone talks behind your back, even there are times when people make you feel bad about yourself. As a result, you start to feel sorry for having that imperfection. Everything aside, you should know that no one has all the perfections in the world. If they are physically healthy and strong, then there might be something that is disturbing him mentally. Similarly, good mental health does not mean a person has no other problems in life. People will always talk about your bad side, and some people even commit suicide out of depression for Body-Shaming as well. On the other hand, there are some individuals as well who always bring positivity in your life, so it is better to surround yourself with them.

 How can you avoid Body Shaming?

Never take humiliation from others, and stand for yourself. Confront those who try to bring you down, and let them know about all the good things that you can do. Above all, find something good about your body because there are always some natural talents that are related to specific body shape, and feel proud of that. Moreover, you are not alone in this world who has faced Body-Shaming, but there are many celebrities as well who go through daily trolls on the basis of their looks, weight, and color. It is important to remember that it is your imperfections that make you different from the rest of the world. The uniqueness God has given each individual is enough to make them feel proud about it. And if you ever doubt about a particular feature about your body then you are not only doubting the creator but also increasing your insecurities as a result. Know that each feature goes well with the color you have so if you try changing any of it then you publically accept that yes, it is a flaw in me which I cannot accept. It also creates an imbalance in you therefore it is best to accept yourself the way you are. Take the criticism only when you feel like it is for my better perhaps a little exercise might make me healthy and more productive at work apart from that if any such criticism costs you your mental peace or if it is about things you have no control over then follow the mind over matter theory which should make you say that ‘If you don’t like my imperfections then remember it is mind over matter, I don’t mind and you don’t matter’.

Celebrities Standing against Body Shaming

Here are some body-shaming quotes by celebrities like Selena Gomez once said, “I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside” Similarly, Taylor Swift mentioned once that, “I have body issues, but everybody does. When you realize that everybody does that – even the people that consider flawless – then you can start to live with the way you are” Even Demi Lovato has mentioned that, “I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body” So from here you can realize that every single person on this planet is going through some problem. Still, it is up to you that how do you face it.

Conclusively, Always remember that life is a mind game so you should know how to use your mind to filter what is worth your time worrying about and what isn’t otherwise you will just make a misery of yourself for people to pity you. Since no one wants that then train your mind in a way where things that don’t matter should not worry you at all, this is where you will get your inner peace which has a vital importance in your ultimate success.

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