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Environmental Protection

The environment is this whole surrounding around you where you and many other living beings breath and live. In other words, take the environment as a huge bubble of the atmosphere where different biological beings stay together for survival and interact with each other. This is one of the easiest and crystal clear definition to understand the true meaning of the environment. Obviously when it comes for survival then Environmental protection is really necessary to survive together.Global WarmingAs time is passing, humans have been making certain developments that were necessary for their comfort more like extravagance rather than necessity. So, if you would have understood the definition of environment then it clearly tells us that this whole place is meant for mutual survival, not merely the survival of one of the species. Now when humans have developed different objects which added luxury to their lives, they have disrupted the balance of the ecosystem hence not only endangering the…

A Story of a Covid Warrior

Blue sky with snow covered land and a two house small settlement in one corner.

A very close friend of mine agreed on sharing her survival story from Covid and I cannot be more proud of her well after reading the interview transcript you will be proud of her too. I call her a warrior not just because she survived but was rather mentally strong enough to support her family when they were suffering from Covid themselves too. So for me, the warrior is not just who survives but helps others too in the process as after all we all somehow have to fight our own battles ourselves and we often do but how many times have we fought in someone else’s battles? Not many times….right?


What made you realize that you needed to get checked?

The main symptoms of Covid include weakness and joint pains. I and my sister started experiencing pain in different joints along with our legs. Another symptom is fever and sore throat. We had a fever around 100. At that point, we realized that this was something serious and required our attention and medical assistance.


How long did the worst of it lasted?

Well, the symptoms worsened after 7 days so I'll say that the worst period was from 8th day to 14th day. I couldn't put my feet on the ground. I was super nauseous due to which I couldn't eat anything. My entire body ached and headache remained constant.


What medications and treatments helped you the most?

Okay, so remedies did play a huge role. I made use of dates, almonds and kilongi (black seeds)

Steam also helped in easing flu. I did Azomax (antibiotic) course. I had Arinac for flu. For sore throat, I took some syrup and strepsils. I consumed a lot of ginger tea as it helps in boosting immunity.

What was your daily eating routine to boost your immunity?

I ate Egg for breakfast. I tried my best to take milk too. For lunch I used to take bread and any gravy. I avoided fried and oily foods. I also made sure that the food we consumed was light and did not have a lot of spices. Another important thing that we must bear in mind is that we all must consume warm food. If the food gets cold it's literally of no good. I consumed Yakhni, thai soup and chicken corn soup with every meal.

How did you manage to stay positive at that time? As it is extremely vital to stay strong emotionally and not give up while your body is fighting the virus.

Well, the only thing that kept me sane was my religious point of view. We as Muslims believe that every illness is a test for us from Allah. So that's what I thought too. Allah has promised that with every difficulty there's ease. Life is all about challenges and the real thing is how you deal with it. So that's what I thought personally that this was a test from Allah and I'll surely be rewarded after it. There are breakdowns. Even depression is a major symptom of corona, it is referred to as post corona depression. In times like these, we just learn to deal with such stuff. It's just that time is honestly the best teacher and the lessons it teaches are remembered throughout life.

Did you tell your friends about it? if so then did it help?

Yes, I told my best friends. It did help because isolation is extremely stressful, so having friends on call or message really helps. They motivated me when I felt low. They made me laugh when I could barely smile. They were there for me to lift my spirit. So yeah having good friends in life is very important

At that time, what did you not want to hear from people?

I did not want to hear pointless suggestions. I ended up in distress as useless suggestions are often uninvited in such trying times. I always avoided negativity and negative people because there was always a lot going in my life. My entire family was affected.

What did you want to hear from people close to you?

When one goes through situations like these, you naturally get filled up with so much negativity. This is normal because obviously in isolation your mind wanders, you end up overthinking. So I expected my friends to be my happy pill. To motivate me and to basically be there for me. I wanted them to say positive stuff, so that I'm able to look up to at least something good.

What is it that you want to tell those people who are not following the SOPS?

I request my dear brothers and sisters in Pakistan to kindly follow SOPs. Our government is doing all these efforts in order to protect us. I swear this is not a joke. Corona is honestly a huge deal. This is deadly and serious. Guys, I lost my father due to Corona, he was healthy and did not have any major disease except for asthma. This disease affects regardless of age, health, gender or any other factor. Our medical system in Pakistan is not well developed. Pakistan itself is a developing country. Rather than blaming every single institution around us, it is our responsibility to follow what we are told to. Why can’t we wear a mask? Is it too hot? Well, you sure don't want to wait in a hospital for hours just for a bed. We don't have doctors. We don't have any treatment yet. This leaves us with no other option but to protect ourselves.

What lessons did you learn from Covid? Since surely it was a test for you as god knew you would pass it.

I learned that time doesn't stop for anyone. People come and go. In such trying times you learn about the people who are around you. You learn about your friends as to who are the ones who are actually there for you and who aren’t. You learn about your relatives. You learn as to how helpless one becomes in such situations, where you cannot be there for your loved ones. But again time doesn't stop, it changes and surely there's sunshine after storms.


COVID IS NOT A JOKE. If we don’t stop it now then it will thrive within us for years and become one of the many untreated diseases of the world. Become responsible citizens and consider it an obligation to follow SOPS. It is finally time that we unite against this novel coronavirus to weaken its shackles from the humanity and to restore our health and well-being.

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  1. We know it's not a joke that why everyone is busy in buying animals these days

  2. Am happy to read this
    article because I also have experienced the COVID19 with my three family members, it's really not a joke and I am strongly agree with all above stated.
    Please be united to fight with this virus.

    Muhammad Jalal.


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