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Environmental Protection

The environment is this whole surrounding around you where you and many other living beings breath and live. In other words, take the environment as a huge bubble of the atmosphere where different biological beings stay together for survival and interact with each other. This is one of the easiest and crystal clear definition to understand the true meaning of the environment. Obviously when it comes for survival then Environmental protection is really necessary to survive together.Global WarmingAs time is passing, humans have been making certain developments that were necessary for their comfort more like extravagance rather than necessity. So, if you would have understood the definition of environment then it clearly tells us that this whole place is meant for mutual survival, not merely the survival of one of the species. Now when humans have developed different objects which added luxury to their lives, they have disrupted the balance of the ecosystem hence not only endangering the…

9 Things To Be Grateful For

A girl sitting on a rugged landscape with river stream in between, facing the sun.

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

1) life

If you can breathe then you have the gift of life and nothing matters more than that. Till the time you live, you can change the bad into good and the good into better. Think of it this way, till the time you breathe you kind of, have the ultimate win in life because you have the chance to change your situation if not with one opportunity then by thousand other lined up just for you.

We often forget to consider life as something to be grateful for because we think that it is given to us for a time duration that is unknown so we assume it is for long enough time. Regardless of its duration, each day you wake up you should be grateful for it as it is your chance to smile a little more, live a little better and to become happier than yesterday.

“Sometimes you will never learn the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”.-Dr.Seuss. from now onwards lets promise to start living every moment and valuing what we have right now which is life.


2) Situation

Of the 7.6 billion people in the world, you are one of the 3.58 billion who have access to internet so that makes you the lucky 48 percent of the world population. Think about the day when your access to the internet was blocked or disrupted, how was that day like? Surely not a pleasant one. Think about the various skills you have learned through the internet or jobs and opportunities you have come across so the remaining 52% of the world population has a disconnection from the world unlike you. Acknowledge that you are privileged and be grateful for it.780 million people do not have access to a drinkable water source and 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. Now, this is all you should be full of gratitude about, just because the scarcity of food, water, and inaccessible internet doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it is not a problem. Since you are blessed enough to have all this then use all of these wisely and efficiently. We as humans don’t value things until they are taken from us so start holding all the small blessings you have at high regard and you will see that you will not only be contented with life but also successful in the future.

3) Your senses

You can feel emotions, you can smile and laugh, how boring life would have been without those two, with grim faces surrounding you at all times.

You can taste all the different cuisines of this world be it Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, etc.

You can see the beauty of nature like those incredibly tall and slender mountains, tall ancestral trees, cold untamed rivers, and whatnot.

All other senses like smell and hear make you a complete human being.

Life might not be going perfectly right now because it is based on situations but as a human you are perfect so what more can you ask for?


4) Your life lessons

It is important to realize that there should be no regrets in life just lessons learned. The time you didn’t listen to your parents and it cost you or the time you were betrayed by a friend such times are not to be mourned about but you should learn from it and you hopefully did. Such lessons taught you about who you should trust and what kind of decisions to take in hard times so next time you were less likely to be betrayed or regret a decision you have taken despite being told that it will go wrong.

Also, it is important to know that one learns from their own life lessons much more and are less likely to repeat the tendency to take wrong decisions then listening to someone else’s life lessons.

Breathe darling, this is just a chapter. It is not your whole story.-S.C lourie


 5) Your mentors

Be obliged of your teachers, friends, and parents for their guidance in your life and thankful for the impact they made in your life. All of them just made it a little easier for you to steer that wheel of life when it needed some instructions as to how to overcome hurdles.


6) Your happiness

Think of the times when you got a birthday present, helped someone cross the road, or when you achieved what you deeply desired. All these moments just made living a lot better and worthwhile.

“Happiness is a gift, the trick is not to expect it but to delight in it when it comes.”-Charles Dickens


7) Your mistakes

Your mistakes don’t define you. They helped you to know what you should not repeat and eventually you developed a better sense of judgment and decision-making skills.


8) Your enemies

I feel like, at times, enemies are even better than friends. They develop a greater threshold of endurance in you so by hurting you they make you stronger, you learn to understand people behind their veils by judging their true selves, by holding you back from what you can truly achieve they give you more reasons to actually achieve it and most importantly since they are your enemies and plan to hate you then know that they have devoted their important time thinking about you which makes you special and also by thinking about how to make your life miserable they are losing their own time of making their own lives better.

So today we are even grateful to our enemies for existing.


9) The sun

Everyday sun shines selflessly not that by shining it can become bigger or brighter but for our survival and nurture it does shine. Imagine your day without a sun rising, how dull and monotonous would that be? No nourishment and hence no life. Just because you know the sun will shine every day doesn’t mean you forget to value its existence.

A mom knelt down and holding her child's clenched fist in her hands.She is smiling at her child and the child's face is covered with a hoodie.


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